Q: What do I need to bring for my dog?
A: You do not need to bring anything, however if you wish you can bring your dog’s bedding and or toys.

Q: Do I need Tick Protection for my dog?
A: Yes. Please administer good quality tick protection. Remember that most tick control products contain toxic ingredients and need to be used with caution. For non-toxic alternatives contact The Natural Vets on (07) 5476 7674 or visit their website. They are happy to send you their holistic products via mail. You can download a copy of their Holistic Disease Preventatives eBook – The Natural Vets here.

Q: Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
A: K9 River Retreat adheres to the recommendations and guidelines of the Australian Veterinary Association. These include “core vaccination of distemper virus, canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus administered triennially”. K9 River Retreat also accepts Titer Testing, a laboratory test that measures the level of antibodies in your dog’s blood. For non toxic alternatives contact a Holistic vet such as The Natural Vets on (07) 5476 7674 or visit their website. They are happy to send you their holistic products via mail. You can download a copy of their Holistic Disease Preventatives eBook – The Natural Vets here.

Q: What time should I drop my dog off?
A: Drop off and pickup times are between 9am-12pm and 2pm-4pm unless otherwise arranged.

Q: My dog is not used to being boarded will he fret?
A: Your pet will receive so much mental and physical stimulation at K 9 River Retreat that by the time you say goodbye and he sees the other dogs, thoughts of you will have left his conscious mind. Your pet will get plenty of play-time, cuddles and wholesome food. He will be so absorbed in his new environment and his new found friends he won’t give you a second thought until you return.

Q: Will my small dog be accommodated with large dogs?
A: No. Small dogs have separate sleeping and recreation areas, however we have enough large bedrooms for small and large dogs from one family to sleep together.

Q: What if my dog is nervous and fearful?
A: We take great care in settling our dogs in and they generally leave happy and well adjusted.

Q: What is your security like?
A: We live on site and at least one of us is present on the property 24 hours a day. Our gate is locked at night and we have security cameras throughout. Our caretakers residence is attached to the ‘Dog House’ ensuring your dog is cared for day and night. In addition our secure yards are surrounded by 2,500 sq of 1.9 metres fencing that has been concreted into the ground. We also have two pet guard dogs that don’t miss a trick.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are approximately 45 minutes from the Cairns International Airport, in the Kuranda area. Go to our Directions page for map and directions.

Q: What happens if my pet gets ill during its stay at K9 River Retreat?
A: We have a vet on call 24 hours a day. However please make sure you leave your vet’s details so we can liaise with him or her.

Q: What will you feed my pet?
A: We feed premium food comprised of Australian made ‘Meals For Mutts’ dry food and a special blend of homemade evolutionary complete and balanced diet comprised of  human grade meat, vegetables, fruits, organ meats, turmeric, kelp, apple cider vinegar and activated chia seeds with probiotics.

. However we cater for all diets, just let us know what you normally feed your pet.

Q: What if I worry about my pet?
A: We will happily keep you up to date about your ‘special family members’ and will send you updates, photos and short videos. Please also follow us on Facebook to view your pooch!

Q: Do you accept all breeds?
A: Because our dogs are in an interactive, social environment, K9 River Retreat only accepts non-aggressive and well socialised dogs. Stronger breeds are only accepted if they have proven themselves at doggy-day-care or similar.

Q: What is included in the rates?
Everything is included in our daily boarding rate. There are no hidden or extra costs for any of our services; including extra meals, special diet, extra cuddles and playtime or out of hours pick-up or drop offs. Please note that in order to reward our loyal and regular customers, dogs boarding at K9 River Retreat for more than 5 weeks in total in any given calendar year will receive a 10% discount.

Kennel Cough
Unfortunately both humans and dogs can easily contract a ‘cold’. When our dogs get the sniffles or cough we tend to call it kennel cough. Sometimes your dog can be carrying a low grade infection that you don’t know about and when they get to a new place such as a boarding facility, the stress and or excitement lowers their immunity and the infection that they were already carrying, but not showing, kicks in. The common symptoms of kennel cough include coughing, nasal discharge and weepy eyes. Boarding kennels and ‘doggy day care’ centres are like child care centres and like the common cold, ‘kennel cough’ is an airborne, non-life threatening illness. While there is a vaccine for two strains of kennel cough, there are many strains for which there is no inoculation available. We recommend that you discuss your options and concerns with your veterinarian.

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